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5 Online PPC Management Strategies To Implement Now

PPC ManagementHelp your website get the traffic it needs in 2017 via strong PPC management, and a few highly effective online marketing strategies. Think of your next online marketing campaign as a “unicorn,” or a campaign that is so magical it remains in the top 1 to 3 percent of marketing campaigns for the year. Utilize the following strategies to ensure your campaign snaps, crackles, and pops for all the right reasons in the upcoming months:

Try for Crazy-High Organic Click-Through Rates

Look through your content for pieces that feature average, or below-average, click-through rates. Replace the titles with those that tug at emotions, offer value, or are otherwise relatable. Improve the intent match to reduce problems such as pogo-sticking and annoying bounce rates. High click-through rate listings are “trending up” as of September 2016.

Go for Fantastically High Ad Click-Through Rates

Encourage optimal PPC management with high ad click-through rates. Advertisements with high engagement rates enjoy much better placements without the high cost per click on platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. Focus on “key emotions” that have the highest CTR, such as fear, anger, disgust, and affirmation. Yes, the majority of these are negative emotions, but they reportedly perform the best. Avoid “boring” tactics, such as Dynamic Keyword Insertion, as they do nothing to create appealing advertisements.

Use the Super-Remarketing Strategy

Go a step beyond typical remarketing with a super-remarketing strategy. It is more challenging to get content noticed in today’s fast-paced world, but if you create a smart social ad strategy, you can promote your stuff to the right audience for very little money.

Super-remarketing combines remarketing with interest targeting, demographic focus, behavioral focus, and high-engagement content. The right social media remarketing strategy has the power to increase consumer engagement by two, if not three times typical marketing efforts. Simply use the aforementioned super-remarketing tactics to get your content noticed.

Take Your Organic Facebook Reach Back

Take back what’s rightfully yours. Organic Facebook reach can once again be in your possession if you do the following:

  1. Share content on Twitter and LinkedIn, in your email, and on any other platforms, save Facebook. Be sure to do so the old-fashioned, organic way.
  2. Post the content that gets the most attention on Facebook. Include video content, as it receives the most engagement and subsequently provides the key to organic reach.
  3. Invite those who like your posts to follow you on Facebook.
  4. Target organic posts, such as ads, through preferred audience targeting.

Outshine the Competition for PPC Management

Give your competition the heave-ho by targeting consumers interested in them. Further, disrupt your competitors’ marketing tactics by placing ads on their YouTube videos. Create a list of your competition’s Twitter followers and target them as well.

Experiment with the above tactics to improve PPC management and so much more. Contact Softline Solutions today for help with your search engine marketing.