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Writing Viral Content that Attracts Links – A Few Ideas

One of the best methods for creating back links, and attracting links from other websites, is the creation of viral content. Viral content can be described as content that is extremely unique, and create hype or attention from multiple websites around the web. There are multiple methods that are commonly used to create viral content, that you can use your self to draw attention from multiple websites around the web. A few of the different ways that you can go about creating viral content within your industry that it tracks back links from other websites, and generates hype around your own website include;

Critical Reviews

Being critical of other websites within your industry is a great way to draw attention. Of course, this attention may be negative, but may attract a few things from prominent websites. If you find a blog post that you disagree with, do not be afraid of responding critically, while still being respectful. This can also allow you to make connections with other webmasters in your industry, and expand your reach within that industry. It is no secret that most love drama, so creating a little bit of drama for the purpose of self promotion can be a reliable tactic. However, you have to take into consideration that when being critical of other websites in your industry, you are putting your own reputation on the line, so you want to make certain that you are doing so in a respectful manner.


Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration when considering viral strategies includes contest. Offering a contest with an excellent prize will allow you to draw attention to your website that can be difficult to re-create with content alone. Make sure that the prize that you offer and the contest is worthwhile enough to draw attention from the general public within your industry, and perhaps even convince other websites to write about your contest. Promote the contest through various mediums including social media and e-mail, and make sure to get the word out to the best of your ability. The more people that know about your contest, the more that you can rely on your own readers to promote the contest.


Infographics have become increasingly popular in recent years. An infographic allows you to take statistics, and display them in an interesting and visual way, that makes them easier for the average reader to digest and understand. If you can find some interesting statistics about the industry or niche in which your site is within, you can create graphics that better explain the statistics, and make it easy for your readers to understand. Make sure to tag your info graphic with your website URL, because the likelihood that a single graphic will get passed around without your credit is quite high. Plus, making your URL prominent means that every time the graphic is passed around, you are receiving free promotion for your website. Infographics can be a very effective method for creating viral content that is quickly spread around websites within your industry, providing you with cheap or free promotion.