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Why Small Businesses Need Google AdWords

Companies of all shapes and sizes can use Google AdWords to help them increase their exposure and bring new customers to their doors. However, many small businesses aren’t aware that AdWords is as effective and cost effective for them as it is for large corporations. Believe it or not, AdWords is actually one of the best advertising platforms that small businesses can use. Here are a few things you should know about Google AdWords for small business.

AdWords is for Local Business, Too

google adwordsA common misconception is that Google AdWords is only for large corporations with millions of dollars to spend in advertising. However, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. The truth of the matter is that all businesses can benefit from this cost effective marketing strategy. People are on the Internet every day, looking for local restaurants to grab a bite to eat, local boutiques that sell the hard to find items they want, local garages that can provide the auto repair services they need and more. All of these businesses as well as businesses of all types will benefit from the use of Google AdWords in order to generate exposure and earn the business of their local customers. By using AdWords, your business will become visible on many searches, putting you in front of thousands of potential customers during every search.

The best part of using Google AdWords, in addition to exposure, is its low cost. There aren’t many marketing campaigns that will provide you with the exposure you get with AdWords for as little money. You can promote your business for as little as $10 per day or as much as you want, which means that it’s the perfect solution for small businesses with even smaller advertising budgets.

Last but not least, small businesses can narrow the focus on their advertising campaigns on specific geographic regions using their geotargeting tool. Using this tool will limit your ads where they will only show up in the locations you choose, ensuring that every penny you spend is targeted to the customers that have the greatest probability of patronizing your business.

Tips for a Small Business Using AdWords

Here is an example of what you can do with a Google AdWords campaign. Let’s say that you are a used car dealership located in Seattle, Washington. You only want to sell your cars to local residents due to residency restrictions in your area. You set up your Google AdWords ads for keywords specific to your business and then use the geotargeting tool to only advertise to Internet users in the Seattle area.

And the customization options don’t stop there. You can narrow your focus down so that your ads only show up for specific radius around your business, control the content and look of your ads, and much more.

Small businesses who use AdWords know just how powerful that this low cost, highly reactive advertising platform is. For small businesses who don’t, getting signed up and advertising is quick and easy. Set your advertising budget to $100 a month and watch your sales soar with Google AdWords today!