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What is StumbleUpon?

Picture yourself surfing in the Pacific Ocean.  Your first step was to get into the water with your surfboard and paddle or kick your way far enough that you could catch a gnarly wave.  But what if you could just start surfing without all that paddling?  That’s what StumbleUpon is.  It’s a brilliant website that does the paddling for you.  You’re free to effortlessly surf to your heart’s content.

When you sign up for your free membership to StumbleUpon, you are given a list of topics to select from.  Choose the ones that you would like to see related websites for.  Once you begin “stumbling,” you may select a single topic that you want to surf at a time.  The website pages are selected by fellow “stumblers,” and are sure to please.  One click turns the page from one website of interest to the next, like reading the perfect video magazine.

StumbleUpon is a lot more than an addictive internet surfing experience.  It’s also a social website that automates the collection, distribution, and review of websites to like-minded individuals.   The way it works is that StumbleUpon uses the personal preferences of “stumblers” to create virtual communities of harmonious web surfers.  The use of a StumbleUpon toolbar downloaded to members’ computers is what instigates the import of new web pages into available StumbleUpon content.

The StumbleUpon website is also an effective marketing tool.   You are sure to drive more visitors to your on-line business if you sign up to advertise with StumbleUpon.

There are a lot of very cool features to discover on the StumbleUpon website.  I found one that particularly appeals to me because I’ve always had trouble finding the perfect e-mail signature.  StumbleUpon offers an e-mail app that will let your e-mail recipients know your last “stumble.”