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Welcome to the Local. Putting SEO to work for Small Business

The trends they are changing. With more and more businesses of all shapes and sizes realizing how important it is to have visibility on the world wide web the case for more targeted way of web site optimization has gotten stronger. This year at one of the major industry expos all the buzz was on Local Optimization and what it can do for business. While this has been a goal of Search Engine Optimization for some time its only recently become a true possibility.

Local business can benefit in many ways from Local Optimization efforts and going with an online marketing firm that truly specializes in this type of service is to your benefit. Many SEO companies focus their efforts on national brands and gaining rankings for their clients on a very broad level. This leaves small business out in the cold trying to figure out how they can get in the game efficiently and effectively without incurring the costs of national online marketing campaign .

So you might be wondering what’s the difference and why should I consider going local?

Well these are valid questions that often come up with many of our clients. The fact is that if your a business that relies on local clients and customers you dont need to spend your marketing dollar on attracting online searches from across the country. You want to be featured in relevant search engines that drive local traffic to your site. For example, your a local restaurant that wants to make sure that when people search for a great place to eat in your area you come up as a top listing. It would not be relevant to your business for someone in another state to find you when searching for a local eatery. While you may want to be listed in national directories for people traveling the bulk of your business will be local traffic. Local Optimization targets is efforts on providing your business visibility on a local level first to drive traffic to your website and more business to your door.

Online statistics show that consumers are going local at a rapid pace. More and more searches are done looking for local business’s that are relevant to consumers as they look for goods and services online. Making sure your optimized locally is the key to growth for your business and if you haven’t considered a presence online until now then maybe its time you take a look.