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Three Vital Elements for Local SEO

local-seoWhile most end users are very aware of the benefits of conducting global searches, more and more are becoming aware of the increased value of conducting local searches. Because the focus of users is shifting from global searches to local ones, companies are having to make a shift from global SEO to local in order to grab the attention of their target audiences. Here are a few things that all companies need to do in order to increase their visibility within local searches.

Local Search SEO – Business Address

Your potential customers are using a wide variety of technologies in order to conduct Internet searches including smart phones, tablets and other devices as well as their laptops and desktops. This means that companies have to ensure that their businesses and websites are visible on any technology in order to be effective. Using a responsive website design is the easiest way to way to make sure that your website can be viewed no matter what device is conducting the search.

The other important thing to remember is to ensure that your full business address, including your city and state are present on all of your social media profiles. This will give your website or social media page shows up when someone conducts a search for the goods or services you provide in your area. You can boost your visibility by adding a popular keyword along with your business name and address wherever possible.

Local Search SEO – Google listing

Add your business to Google+ Local. It’s what is going to put your on the map…Google Maps that is. Being on Google Maps means that whenever someone uses Google Maps to find a local business, yours will pop up, if it is relevant to the search.

Local Search SEO – local citations

In order to ensure that your website shows up in local searches is to ensure that all of your business details are present in many different local directories. This includes the full name of your business, your address, your contact information and URL as well as details about your business and company. Using consistent information ensures that your customers receive a consistent message and the more detailed you are, the more often your business will show up in local searches.

In addition, solicit quality positive reviews from your customers and follow up to ensure that they are being posted. Many customers rely heavily on customer reviews when selecting companies they wish to do business with. So, having these will help close the deal after your website shows up in local searches.

Of course, these aren’t the only things you can do to boost your rankings in local searches, but are the easiest to do and provide positive impact on your visibility in local searches. After ensuring that you take these steps, you can continue to improve your position by honing your local SEO tactics. Consult with a local SEO expert to find out what else you can do to boost your position and sales.