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The Importance Of Business Blogs For Search Engine Presence And Branding

Having a blog as a business is incredibly important. Business blogs help you build up a search engine presence and they also provide a means for you to build your brand online. Without a blog, there will be no way for your business to expand on the Internet and get the word out about your products or services. Additionally, blogs allow your business to get recognized on social media websites, like Twitter and Facebook. Blogs allow you to update your social media accounts with links to your blog posts, which can direct some of your friends and followers to your website. Below, you’ll find some of the reasons that your business should establish a blog on the Internet.

Build a Search Engine Presence

It’s proven that when you publish insightful, helpful blog post for your readers, this will increase your search engine presence. Google, Yahoo and Bing value websites that publish unique content on a regular basis. If you can update your blog with steady articles on a weekly basis, this will greatly increase your search engine presence and provide traffic to your website. This traffic can be converted to leads or sales for your products or services, provided that you do some indirect advertising to your blog posts. You could make subtle recommendations to your products or services, dropping links to some of your website pages every so often. Additionally, if you advertise some of your company’s products or services in the sidebar or header, people will notice these areas of your website and click on the links. Perhaps the biggest benefit to building a search engine presence and getting regular traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing, is that you can build a following of regular readers to your blog. Having people that actively read your blog and are excited to see what you publish to be incredibly valuable.

Indirect Sales

Blogs can be a huge source of indirect sales. When people are reading your content, eager to see what products and services you have recommended, your blog can be responsible for directing these people toward those products or services. We talked openly about the advantages of your business, people will take notice of what you are saying and see you as an authority in the industry.

Potential For Guest Post Trading

Guest posts can help drive up your search engine rankings, and by allowing people to guest post on your own blog, you can get free content for your website. When your business has a blog, you can trade guest post with other companies. For instance, you can publish a high-quality article on their website, with a link, in exchange for allowing them an article on your own site. Guest posts can aid your search engine rankings considerably. You should use guest posts to best of your ability.

Social Media

By having a blog, you can update your social media accounts with links to your posts. This gives your friends and followers something useful to read about, it can also direct that traffic toward your website.