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The Hidden Benefits of Google Places

google-placesGoogle Places is one of many valuable online marketing tools that Google offers to businesses of all sizes. However, many small businesses either aren’t aware of this very valuable marketing tool or aren’t using it effective to promote their business. Here are a few things that all small business owners need to know about Google Places and the benefits it offers.

Why All Small Business Need Google Places

The key to opening and running a successful small business is establishing local visibility. Some companies do this with signs, print advertisements and even email direct marketing campaigns. However, more and more consumers are relying on Internet keyword searches to find the local businesses they need. They also rely on mobile technology like Google Maps to locate businesses that can provide solutions to their needs. In order for your business to take advantage of these trends, you need to set up a Google Places account. This account will provide several benefits for your small business. Here’s how it works:

How Does Google Places Work?

With Google Places, Google allows small business owners the ability to complete an online profile for their business. You will provide such basic details as the name of your business, where you are located, how customers can get in touch with you, and when your business is open. It is much the same as a traditional business directory. However, you can also provide additional details such as providing pictures and video clips of your business. These vital elements can help you set your business apart from your competition enough in order to land you a greater market share and more sales.

Places Portfolios

In addition to providing details about your business, you can add details regarding the areas that you service. This is a vital component for those in service based industries as well as for small businesses that have franchises in several different areas. It helps customers differentiate themselves from other companies and allows you to enjoy a higher rate of conversion since the customers coming to your door are ones that are looking for your products or services and have chosen you above the other businesses in your area.


Google Places can also help you encourage new business by allowing you to offer incentives such as coupons for discounts on certain products or services. You can add the coupons to the Coupon tab of the Google Places dashboard and specify the terms of your offer for your customers. Adding coupons and providing incentives allows your listing to stand out from the crowd in terms of your listing visibility as well as in your value to the customer.

As you can see, Google Places is an invaluable tool for small businesses looking to increase visibility as well as increasing sales. What’s even better is that Google Places is an extremely cost effective way to promote your business locally, which is the main source of customers for small businesses. Set up your profile today and watch your sales skyrocket.