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The Google Penguin Algorithm Update – How We Keep Our Clients Up To Date

As an SEO company, there is a huge responsibility for us to stay up-to-date with Google’s algorithm updates. The latest Google update was the Google Penguin update, which has caused a lot of controversy in the SEO world. Many websites were impacted by the algorithm change, some positively and thousands negatively. Thankfully, we keep our clients up to date in the ensure that all of our link building tactics are fully compliant with Google’s terms of service. Our clients have remained strong through all of Google’s updates, thanks to our high-quality, white hat link building. Below, you will find some of the things that we’re doing to keep our clients at the top of the search engines, without penalty from any updates.

Diversified Anchor Text Among Backlinks

When building links for a website, it’s very important that your anchor text stays that diversified. Anchor text is the keywords that you leave for a link. For instance, when leaving a link to one of our clients’ websites, we often use keywords, such as “SEO Company,” with those keywords being the basis of the link. Today, it’s incredibly important that you don’t use the same keywords when leaving links on external websites. Google has negatively impacted websites that have a large variety of links pointing with the same anchor text. By diversifying your anchor text, we ensure that our clients never fall at risk during any of these updates.

Using High Quality Content That’s Hand Written

After the Penguin update, the importance of using high quality content that hand written and 100% unique has gotten even stronger. Google is always made it very apparent that they value high-quality content very strongly. They want to see websites ranking at the top of the search engines that have thousands of quality articles to opportunity readers. When leaving links on external websites, it’s extremely important that your links are surrounded by high-quality content that’s been hand written, specifically for that property. It’s also important that, that content be focused around the specific keywords of your business. Publishing articles that are unrelated to your business or the products or services that you sell could provide very little increases in your search engine rankings, when compared to what the effects could be a few published keyword oriented content.

Niche Related Links

Niche related backlinks have become one of the strongest types of links that you can build today. By establishing links for our clients on niche related directories, blogs, and other types of websites, we can increase the search engine rankings of your website substantially. Niche sites are an incredibly valuable resource that you have to be utilizing in the post-Penguin SEO landscape.

The Google Penguin update has heavily changed SEO and the way that you can build links. It’s expected that updates of the future will prompt similar changes in the SEO industry. As an SEO company, we have to stay ahead of the curve with these changes and initiate high quality changes ahead of time.