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The Best Chrome Extensions and Plugins For Online Marketers

With the release of Google Chrome, the Web browser has continued to garner a larger user base, while Internet Explorer has watched its user base shrink considerably with the rise of both Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. One of the biggest draws to these browsers, is the fact that they allow for plug-ins or extensions to be installed, which increase the functionality of the browser, and allow for customization that otherwise would not be present. For Internet marketers, there are numerous Google Chrome extensions that are available that can help to increase the functionality of the browser to provide you with marketing related information that you can use to better your efforts online. A few of the better chrome extensions that you should consider installing as an online marketer include;

Chrome SEO

Chrome SEO is the most comprehensive Google Chrome extension for search engine optimization currently available. To provide you with a large range of different information, beginning with searches through Google. Instead of seeing the normal, typical search results, you are provided with the search results, along with a host of information below each result to give you an idea of what factors are helping each individual website to rank. Certain statistics such as page rank, back link counts, information about index pages, traffic stats, statistics relating to pay per click advertisements, and also cached pages available for the given website.

IE Tab

If you do a large amount of web development, then you likely are constantly switching between browsers, checking whether or not the code that you have created works between Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The IE Tab extension can be an excellent addition to your browser, allowing you to open in Internet Explorer tab within the chrome browser, and test the websites that you are working on for compatibility with the Internet Explorer browser. It is easy to see why this could save you a considerable amount of time, while allowing you to continue development without having to stop what you are doing and switch browsers constantly.


Fireshot is another excellent extension for Google Chrome, targeted toward Internet marketers, that is also available for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The plug-in allows you to capture full screenshots of webpages, which allows you to perform quick edits, add annotations to the webpage, and also save it in a variety of different file types including PDF, and other file types that you can then send through e-mail, copy to your clip board and share with others. Because of the usefulness for web development, it is easy to see why Fireshot has become so popular in recent years.

Bit.Ly Quick URL Shortener

Bit.Ly will take whatever URL you give it, and then shorten it, allowing you to post it on a variety of different platforms in which you would not normally be comfortable posting your URL. Not only this, but the extension also provides tracking statistics, allowing you to see not only who clicks your link, but when they click it and other information about them. It is an excellent way to not only shorten your URL, but provide quick analytics for off-site links.