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The “A” In Advertising Should Stand For Art

Art in advertising is a beautiful thing, as it provides brands with the chance to show why they are awesome and different from their competition. Yet too many brands neglect the artistic aspect of digital advertising. They become so focused on keywords and search engine rankings that they forget about the foundation of good advertising: creativity. Lots and lots of creativity.

Let’s dive into why art in advertising is so important:

It’s Fun

Some of the coolest ad campaigns hooked their target audiences because they’re just plain fun. Goodnight Mattress, for example, created a campaign around the idea that their mattresses are so gosh-darn comfortable even thieves fall sound asleep on them. The campaign showed a thief clad in classic black garb fast asleep atop a Goodnight Mattress. Does a campaign like this make consumers chuckle, chortle, and look into why Goodnight Mattresses rule? You betcha.

It’s Witty

Art in advertising opens the creative door and makes it possible to hang out in the figurative Room of Wit. Some of the best campaigns include the coolest business cards, such as a plumbing company card that wasn’t so much a card as it was a mini plunger with the business’s contact information. How witty is that?? Another outstanding business card example is a mini yoga mat for–you guessed it–a yoga studio. Yet another doubles as a tiny picture frame with the business info on the back. Now that’s art.

It Hits A Psychological Nerve

In addition to being fun, funny, and witty, the best marketing campaigns hit a psychological nerve. They evoke strong feelings, both happy and sad, to compel people to take action. Did you know the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ slogan was actually created by the British government for distribution in the event of a Nazi invasion? The slogan was unearthed in 2008 during the recession and has spawned plenty of similar slogans since. ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk’ from 1983 is another campaign that struck a serious psychological cord because prior to the campaign, it was actually considered acceptable to have a few drinks before getting behind the wheel. Yet another stunning example was Apple’s 1997 ‘Think Different’ campaign featuring the faces of those who marched to the beat of their own very special drummers, such as the eccentric and brilliant Pablo Picasso. There is art in the copy of slogans and brand images.

Regardless of your brand type, there is always room for creativity. Even “basic” or “boring” brands have the opportunity to think outside the marketing box and come up with something innovative, such as the Dollar Shave Club campaign. You probably remember that commercial featuring the CEO of the club, who was seen walking through his (supposed) warehouse as he made you laugh. The result? He sold his company for a billion dollars after five years in business. Nice, right?

Don’t be afraid to be different. Art in advertising is specifically about emerging from the marketing crowd and demonstrating why your brand is special. Go forth and be creative!

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