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Super Bowl Ads for the Little Guys?

Online marketing has opened the advertising floodgates.   Anyone, in spite of their connections or station in life, can get the kind of exposure for their business that owners of small, locally-owned companies formerly only dreamt about.

You can hire an internet marketing company to help you build a strong presence online, which is actually a must in today’s world.  Then you can hope that your creative online marketing efforts will go viral or, in other words, get as many views as a Super Bowl ad.

You may find it difficult to find an Internet marketing company that wants to discuss the possibilities of going viral.  That’s because this pinnacle of online marketing experiences is literally like winning a multi-million-dollar lottery.  It’s not something an earth-bound online marketing firm would dare to promise.

But the possibility of going viral is out there, meaning you could post something on your website that attracts many thousands or even millions of visits in a short amount of time.  And once something goes viral, it typically continues to get great exposure for a very long time.

A video is the most prominent type of medium that goes viral.  It’s exciting to think that producing the right kind of video which reaches millions is possible and affordable.

The following are a few of the attributes that viral videos often have in common:

  • The video’s message is relevant to the original target audience (the ones who pass it on and on).
  • Less is definitely more effective.  Videos that go viral are virtually always less than five minutes long.
  • The video conveys a main point, and it’s even better if that theme ties in well with your business.  Will it be controversial, humorous, entertaining, or have some other compelling theme?
  • The message of the video is communicated in a crystal clear manner.
  • Viral videos typically possess the following elements:  honesty, shock and awe, and respect for the audience.