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Choosing the Blog Program

When you are ready to get started with your new blog the first thing you have to do is figure out what blogging program to use and where to put it. There are a few options to consider before getting started with your new blog. One option is that you can choose to host your blog somewhere on your current website which would require that you either custom program a blog into your site or upload a pre-existing blog program to your site. Another option you have is having your blog page somewhere off site. If you choose to do that then I recommend looking at one of the blogging applications mentioned below. Keep in mind that if you have a website and you host the blog off site it can sometimes be difficult for users to get back to your company’s man website.

Some Great Blog Programs:


Some other blog applications can be found on this Mashable Post

Design Design Design

When I was growing up my mom always told me and my sisters that “Presentation is Everything”. She made sure that everything from dinner to her public speaking engagements that whatever she was presenting looked better than good. This is something to keep in mind with anything you create for your company, including your blog. You have a couple of options with your blog. You can simply integrate the blog onto your already beautifully presented website or you can make your blog page similar to your site but with it’s own relevant characteristics. A lot of blog sites today have really excellent templates you can use to make your blog visually appealing. WordPress receives a lot of acclaim for the templates it offers to its users.

When you are creating your new blog consider these 5 things as you choose the desgin:

1. Color Scheme

Be sure that the colors you choose to put on your website match or compliment your company’s look and feel. Don’t choose a completely non-relevant template just because it looks nice or because you like. What you present on your website should strengthen your brand.

2. Graphics

A site with graphics is more aesthetically pleasing than a site this is boxy and plain. Consider a template that utilizes a sidebar or a nice header or footer. The small things can sometimes make a huge difference.

3. Logo

If your company has a logo, be sure to use a template that allows a custom header and put your logo there. Remember, one major purpose of any social media or inbound marketing effort is brand building. Be sure to keep that in mind in everything you do.

4. Dont go overboard

Sometimes a template can have way too much activity on it. Be sure that the template you choose doesn’t have so many graphics and sidebar widgets that you distract from the message.

5. Dont be afraid of change

Create….Evaluate….Change (repeat until you reach desired results) Any online marketing effort require stesting to be successful. With your blog, keep in mind that you will most likely have to re-work your strategy several times, but with commitment you will find the right way to reach your target audience.

Below are some very nice blog templates that we have found online: