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Speaking the Language of Social Media

Social Media Marketing for BusinessChances are that unless you’ve been in a cave for the last seven years, you are aware of social media is becoming an important outreach tool for most small business these days. You may not yet realize how to do it right, though. If you’re going about it the way most companies are, then pay attention.

Social Networks Previously Seen As Distribution Channels

Up until this point, companies saw the various social media platforms as various distribution channels. This means that basically they understood that the message of their company is basically established, and that they have only to push this message out through the various web platforms. In truth, however, each social media platform is a unique community with a common language that differs from the others. The kind of things you post on Facebook, for example, would not translate as well if shared on Tumblr. The youth are already well aware of this. It’s essential that businesses learn to speak the various native languages of each media channel they use.

Offer Lots of Value Before Asking

Often companies and small businesses only go online when they want to share a promotional offer, product or service that they’ve recently begun offering. This is a faulty approach. Instead, businesses should find some way to connect what they’re doing to their audience by sharing small bits of value on a regular basis. This should be something insightful, entertaining or interesting that is easy for the follower to quickly digest and receive value from. By doing this on a regular basis, your audience will learn to rely on you for value and you will build comfort, rapport and trust. Then, when it comes time to ask for something, you’ll find that a lot more people are receptive to joining in the cause.

Telling a Story

The core of marketing these days is to tell a unique story. The truth is that most of the services and products that one company offers can probably be found somewhere else with little difficulty. That is why having a compelling story makes all the difference. You can have two different businesses that offer the very same quality of a product, and yet one will get more business. This is often because they sell themselves in a way that excites the customer and draws people in by making them feel as if by giving the company business they are taking part in a much larger story.

Authentic Branding

Branding today has changed significantly from the past. As soon as you become too pushy people will back away and take their business elsewhere. And if you are inauthentic, or attempting to pander to your audience they will detect it. Today people place a very high value on authenticity.

By learning the game you will find that it really hasn’t actually changed that much in essence. People still connect best with companies that provide value, speak their language and are authentic.