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Social Media Tips for Small Business

social-mediaEveryone knows that small businesses need to use social media to gain market share. However, few small businesses understand how to use it well. Here are some tips from several small business pros for maximizing your social media influence.

#1: Show Them the “Real You”

Social media is very fickle. They know the difference between a PR image and the real you. Don’t try to construct a personality as your customers will quickly sense it and move on to someone else. Put yourself out there and show them the real you. You will get so much more respect for it. Post things that you are passionate about. Post things that are interesting or funny to you. No matter what you post, make sure that is 100% authentic all the time.

#2: Pick One Thing and Do It Really Well

One of the key things that businesses do that undermines their social media strategy is to spread themselves too thin. Every social media platform is different. They have different users, different platforms and take a different approach to marketing. They key to a successful social media campaign is to use the ones that you are familiar with and then do them well. You can’t keep up with five or six different accounts, so don’t even try. Stick to two or three and give them the time and effort they need to be successful.

#3: Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Lead-Generating Machine

The key to a successful business is lead generation. There are a ton of ways to do this, but one of the easiest is through social media. Facebook has an opt-in feature that allows you to collect the names, addresses, email addresses and other pertinent information that you can use to for lead generation. Here’s how it works:

On your Facebook page, use iFrames to create a customized welcome tab. From here you create a reveal tab where you add a call to action. The easiest is to ask people to “Like” your page and become a fan or follower. Second, after you get the “Like”, simply offer the new follower or fan a free giveaway in exchange for their name, address and email address.

Not only are you increasing your fan base, but generating a targeted customer list in the process.

#4: Invest in a Great Twitter Design

If Twitter is your poison, you need to design an awesome Twitter profile and page. Take cues from other Twitter pages that cater to your niche. Then, find other Twitter accounts that cater to your niche and begin following their followers. Those people will then click on your Twitter profile and some will follow you back. Lather, rinse, repeat.

#5: Bring Your Company to Life With Video

Create a YouTube channel and begin uploading videos. You want to keep your videos short, under three minutes, and add them to your channel. You can do this with instructional videos, advertising videos or other videos that cater to your niche, but offer something of value. Videos are the number one way to make it to the top of Google.

#6: Give Away the Secret Sauce

The best way to snare customers is to let them in on industry secrets that your competitors wouldn’t dare touch. Customers always want to know how the tricks are being done. If you can be the first to let them in on the secret, you’ve got them for life. Create the kind of content that truly solves your customers’ problems. You’ll quickly start seeing spikes in traffic as others link and share your information. Best way to get started? Create a FAQ for your niche and answer them openly and honestly.