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Should You Use AI Generated Content on Your Blog?

The rapid development of AI-generated tools has many marketers excited about the reduced amount of time needed for researching and writing online content. These tools can even provide insights into the behavior and search intent of a target audience. There’s no doubt that ChatGPT and other AI tools can be powerful and timesaving, but they aren’t the solution to all your content needs. There are things to keep in mind if you’re using them to generate content for your blog.

Things to Do When Creating Content Using AI

Creating content that’s useful and informative can take up a lot of time. Writers sometimes struggle with writer’s block when trying to come up with new ideas while a deadline looms.  AI tools can be very helpful in generating ideas so it’s great for launching the writing process, especially if you’re feeling stuck. It can also be used to create outlines and put together basic information on a topic or for short tasks such as alt text and page meta descriptions.

It’s important to edit any content created with AI tools and to double-check any facts provided by them. These tools aren’t going to create content that’s unique or memorable. When selecting high quality content, Google still goes by E-E-A-T, which is expertise, experience, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. AI-generated content that’s not altered doesn’t meet E-E-A-T. Continue to build domain authority which includes conducting thorough keyword research. Include clear sources and evidence of expertise by using accurate author bylines.

Things to Avoid When Using AI for Content

The content you publish on your blog should be original and should focus on meeting the needs of your target audience. This means it’s important to avoid publishing low quality content that isn’t helpful to your readers. Nothing produced by AI is completely original, so editing AI content is imperative.  AI and automation shouldn’t be used to try to manipulate search engine rankings. 

Unoriginal, inauthentic content created using AI without editing and rewriting by humans isn’t what your target audience is looking for. While it can speed up your writing process and save time in content creation, your final blog posts need to sound natural and include accurate information if you’re hoping to engage your audience and rank well with the search engines.

Using AI As a Tool

Artificial intelligence is a tool, kind of like spell-check or autocorrect. When it’s used as a tool rather than a standalone content creator, it can be very valuable. Marketers who rely on AI to produce their content from start to finish are likely to end up with generic content that may be inaccurate. It’s a tool for you to work with but isn’t meant to completely do all the work involved in putting together blog content. Your readers want your blog to have a human touch including your unique voice and creativity.

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