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Purchasing Ads for Marketing Success

We often hear of how even stay-at-home moms have built six figure businesses via effective use of Google ad words and pay per click services.

Looks darn easy, but in reality it isn’t. Many winner stories have inspired people to try their hand at pay-per-click campaigns but not many of those have tasted success.

So What Is Going Wrong?

This first mistake people make is they give up too soon. They must wait for enough clicks to pull in so that they can make an analysis as to what is going awry.

You might be raking in a lot of traffic and plenty of clicks but if you do not convert and generate income, your campaign is of no use.

You must keep tweaking persistently – even if you are doing well. It is easy to fine-tune. Know that the potential for upsides with such an exercise is huge.

Remember you may be able to grab great ad placements cheap, but for high value goods in a crowded market place you will face stiff competition. It wouldn’t be surprising if you are up against thousand dollar bids for keywords high in demand.

The answer lies in looking for vague or unique keywords that reflect your business’s strong points.

Even after you do everything a continuous re-evaluation of your strategy is a must.

Recent PPC news had an interesting revelation.

The suggestion given is to check cart abandonments – if it is over 80percent, the guidance given is to review checkout process and try alternatives to reduce the steps.


On another note there has been a debate going if PPC has more benefits than SEO.

Some feel PPC is very responsive and it has got targeting advantages.
This could be true. After all, PPC has the following advantages:-

•    Provides prospects for high visibility in multiple channels including search engines, cell phones, and content sites
•    Extends results beyond search results
•    Provides better control over landing pages

Even a study has shown that PPC has an edge when it comes to conversion rates, average time on site, and average order value.
Moreover, it is easier to sell the idea of PPC to entrepreneurs because the concept is similar to time-honoured advertising. Measuring success is tangible too.

In short, PPC is goal driven and controllable.

In addition, flexibility is a great advantage. You can manipulate keywords to drive conversions, and change bid prices if you feel the need.

There is no denying that paid search marketing by purchasing ads in search engines has come to stay.