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Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Search Engine Marketing

With the recent rise in mobile search engine traffic, many websites are scrambling to optimize their websites for mobile search engines, and for good reason, because this traffic presents a substantial potential for profit for these companies. There are many steps that you can take optimize your website for mobile search engines, many of which ring true for both mobile search as well as your typical desktop search. As families and individuals continue to buy themselves tablets, cell phones, and other devices in order to surf the Internet, less people are purchasing traditional personal computers in order to surf the Internet. It was recently estimated that about 50% of Facebook traffic actually comes from mobile devices, either using their application, or using the web browser that comes with their mobile device. However, the company has done very little to monetize this traffic, with no ads on their mobile application. It seems strange for a company that has made so much of their money from advertisements, not to serve these advertisements to a large portion of their visitors.


The the same principles that are used to rank for desktop users, are used for mobile users. In fact, the rankings are virtually unchanged between the two. However, because many search results, are only basing websites on the usability of desktop users, this can be very difficult for mobile users to find websites that are going to appeal to their platform. They have to be easily read, and easily navigator were using a touchscreen device in order to survive well on mobile devices. However, while this is changing slowly, as more websites tend to release a mobile versions of their website for easy viewing, this has not been completely turned around as of yet. While you may rank well in the search terms for mobile users, that does not necessarily mean that your website is going to perform well, or be able to hold the users attention. Optimizing for mobile is more about the appearance of your website on mobile devices, then it is the actions that you need to take in order to rank, because those actions are generally unchanged.

Site Architecture

Start by looking at the architecture of your website. How does your website look when it is being viewed by a mobile device? Is it easy to navigate? Is everything easy to see, no matter what resolution they are looking at it in? There are many variables that need to be taken into account when individuals are looking at your website from a mobile device. However, taking your time and looking at the site architecture or to get a good idea of how easily navigated well your website is, can help you to bounce rates are typically higher for individuals on mobile devices, because not all websites are optimized as far as looks go, to appeal to individuals using these devices. A large majority of websites are only optimized for PC browsing.