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Optimizing Trends In 2012


The year 2011 saw the reinforcement of the principle that SEO is fundamental to keep your website in getting top rankings in search engines.

What did the year 2011 focus on and what will be the trends in 2012?
Here is a preview.

Local listing optimization

Google, Yahoo, and other big names have revolutionized how we do business on the internet. In other words, they have taught us to harness the full power of web.

Today more than 10 billion unique searches are made every month in the United States alone. Of these 20 percent desktop searches and 50 percent mobile searches have local intent.

This means there are over two billion searches every month with local intent.

Now you know why local listing optimization is so important. This trend isn’t likely to change in 2012.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design was the hottest topic in 2011 and will continue to do so in 2012.

According to a survey, more than 69 percent of mobile users in America are accessing the web via their smartphone daily. If you are not trying to improve their user experience, you will surely miss the bus.

It goes without saying that an optimized mobile website will provide improved search engine rankings in Google and Yahoo and allow placement in prominent local directories.

The Power of The Social Media

Entrepreneurs have realized how yer and the seller can interact, something that is not possible on an effective basis social media marketing (SMM) can exponentially boost their brand image. Social media is a platform where the buin other platforms.

2012 will continue to see webmasters and SEO experts revising the tactics in social media marketing.

Focus On “going –Within”

The search for an appropriate agency for SEO has always been a challenge for small and big businesses. The experiences have been mixed. Companies have experienced both the brightest as well as the dullest.

So What To Expect In 2012?

Many organizations are realizing that to achieve exceptional results in SEO they must have a dedicated in-house SEO team. As SEO is getting more complex and incremental gains are becoming more difficult to achieve, companies are focusing on developing their in–house teams to deliver results.

This does not mean the demand for outside agencies will be on the wane.

Link development and content strategies are essential components of SEO – an area where for most part only SEO services can provide support.