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Obamas team utilizes Search Engine Reputation Management

We have a presidential candidate that better understands the importance of reputation management. We all know the backlash Obama is facing over his small town “bitter” comments from his April 6th fundraiser. And of course Clinton has used this to lambast him through a radio campaign her team launched throughout Pennsylvania. But early this morning I watched as FOX News reported that Barack is on the defensive with a web ad (and only a web ad) detailing how Hillary has accepted more money from political lobbyist, both Republican and Democrat, than any other candidate. Now I?m not exactly interested in the content of the messages, what I am happy to see is Barack?s team choose not to place a radio spot or TV commercial but instead went with the web proving once again they can manage his reputation faster and more effectively online than you can by producing a segment for main line entertainment. With so many bloggers and readers out there you can pounce on any negative publicity within minutes. Obviously his team didn?t do this so technically there are in disaster recovery mode but a true reputation manager could have gathered the troops and had that ad developed within hours of the debacle. Nonetheless, once they got it out there they ended up not only with a web ad but also national coverage on TV; more bang for the buck.

Christian R.