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New TikTok Search Ad Functionality

TikTok recently announced that they have enabled a new feature on TikTok Ads Manager known as Search Ad Toggle. This feature draws from existing creative and provides search ad functionality by showing ads along with the results users obtain from relevant search queries. Ads display as sponsored content, but they mirror the normal in-feed experience so prospects can keep scrolling as usual.

Like other social media platforms, TikTok continues to work on broadening its appeal to marketers. With over 100 million users, marketers shouldn’t overlook TikTok when seeking a way to connect with new prospects, especially if your business targets younger consumers.

How Does TikTok’s Search Ads Toggle Work?

Users are beginning to recognize TikTok as a place where they can have a powerful search experience. As many as 58 percent of TikTok users discover new brands and products on this platform. When a user is searching for a brand or product, they click the search button, which appears at the top of the feed. They type what they’re looking for in the search box and get their results, which include ads. 

Ads are labeled as “sponsored”. They can appear in different positions in a search engine results page based on user intent, relevancy and what’s been learned from the behavior of other users. The Search Ads Toggle allows brands to extend their reach to users who are specifically looking for information related to a specific type of business. 

Setting Up Search Ads Toggle

When you set up an in-feed ads campaign on this platform, Search Ads Toggle is automatically turned on. When you keep it set to on, ads for the search results are automatically created using existing in-feed ad content.

Marketers who aren’t interested in Search Ads Toggle can choose to turn it off if they wish to opt out, but early reviews of Search Ads Toggle indicate that advertisers are achieving improved performance and conversions compared to campaigns run without this feature. The fact that ads are deliverable through search helps TikTok to be a strong contender against larger platforms like Meta and Google.

Should You Give Search Ads Toggle a Try?

If you want high intent users to discover your brand in the middle of other relevant videos on a search results page, it makes sense to activate the Search Ads toggle. This gives your brand the opportunity to show up next to other content related to your product or service while providing a more personalized ad experience. If you do start a campaign with the toggle set to off, you have the option of turning it on during the campaign. This won’t reactivate the learning phase of the campaign.

The search experience on TikTok continues to evolve. Marketers who find it challenging to choose the best platform for their audience can benefit from working with experts in social media and other methods of digital marketing. Softline Solution has helped hundreds of businesses improve their online presence using PPC, organic search, and more. Get in touch with Softline Solutions today.