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Name Your Video for SEO

Posting a video on your website adds appeal for potential customers.  And even more importantly, a video can significantly elevate a website’s ranking in search engines.  Additionally, choosing the right name for the YouTube video posted on your website is essential, from an SEO standpoint.

Different page elements determine the HTML meta tags for each of the video view pages YouTube creates.  The title tag is the title of the video.  The description you put on your video becomes the meta description tag.  The bottom line here is that your video’s title has an enormous influence on the number of click-throughs you get from non-video search engine results pages as well as on the YouTube search page.

To maximize your YouTube SEO, the first step is to determine which keywords to use.  You can make use of free tools such as Wordtracker or Google’s Adwords to determine which terms people are using to search in the keyword niche your video falls in.

The best keywords to choose are the ones that fall between the highest search volume and those with less competition.

Use the word “video” in your title; though on the YouTube site that isn’t necessary, since the fact that it’s a video is implied.

The length of your video’s title is important to keep in mind because Google limits page titles to about 66 characters.  You don’t want your title to be truncated on the search engine results page.

Choose a descriptive rather than a generic title.  The title should give a clear implication of what’s likely in the video.

Look for good examples of titles by checking out the names of the most-viewed videos on YouTube.