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Make The Most Of All Of Your Traffic – Don’t Let It Fall Through the Cracks

One of the biggest mistakes that many online marketers make is the fact that they only focus on desktop traffic, and traffic that comes from the usual channels when it comes to monetization. This means that they could be letting hundreds if not potentially thousands of visitors through the cracks, not being monetized efficiently. This means that you could be leaving lots of money on the table, without even realizing it. True marketers know that allowing even mildly interested traffic to fall through the cracks, which results in lower revenue for your business. A few types of traffic that you should make attempts to monetize that many webmasters do not include;

Mobile Traffic

With the recent rise of traffic from mobile phones, and tablets, many websites find that up to 25% of their total traffic comes from mobile devices, depending on the nature of the website. However, many people do not make enough of an effort to attempt to monetize the sources of traffic, partly because they believe it is not that valuable, and partly because the amount of effort that it takes to optimize these advertisements is much more difficult than it is to do so in a desktop environment. However, those that have decided to dive headfirst into the monetization of mobile traffic have learned the types of rewards that can be had through the monetization of this type of traffic.

Image Traffic

Another common source of traffic to websites that fails to be monetized his image traffic. Now, for the most part, image traffic is not going to, at most times, be highly interested in the products and services that you have to offer. However, a small percentage of these users may be interested in the niche that you are promoting. Unfortunately, many of the users that come to your website searching for image traffic do so through the search engine image search feature. This brings them to your website, but hides your website behind an image pop-up, which means that while they are counted as a visitor to your website they are not actually seeing what you have to offer. If you utilize WordPress or another content management system, there are plug-ins that can be utilized that redirect them to your actual page when they arrive on your website through an image search, which will allow them to gain access to your advertisements, and increase your revenue. Although you should not expect these visitors to be high converting, some conversions are better than none.

Offsite Traffic To Website Profiles

If you own a website that is regularly updated, you likely have a number of different social media profiles that you utilize to help to redirect people to your website. You should treat visits to your social media profiles as if they were actual visits to your website in the way that you attempt to monetize them. There are numerous platforms that allow you to add advertisements to your social media profiles, and also several different analytics third-party websites which allow you to gain increased understanding of the visitors that are interacting with you on social media websites. By utilizing these analytics, and gaining insight into your potential customers, you can do a better job of getting them from your profiles to your website, or monetizing them on the third-party website.