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Local SEO means your ad only reaches your potential customers and doesn’t waste your campaign funds

The biggest difficulty with all advertising campaigns is actually reaching your target market.

Local SEONow if you are a worldwide corporate conglomerate manufacturing and marketing beer or soda or motor cars your problem is somewhat different from the one faced by the local service station or corner shop or tool hire company.

Whereas the first, say a popular soft drinks manufacturer whose brand name is well known and sold in bars, and sports Stadiums, in cinema complexes and in most local supermarkets and store, whose advertising spend is in the millions of dollars monthly and whose revenues are in the billions annually, targets the entire population of every country in which it is represented. The point of their advertising is to keep the brand name foremost in the mind of everybody when they get hot and thirsty and desire a cold sugary refreshment.

Whereas the motor car manufacturer has to keep his reputation as being the classiest, nippiest, most stylish, most spacious, most fuel efficient, family friendly, sporty, sexy, rugged, useful, reliable etc (delete where appropriate) auto on the market at the most competitive price.

Whereas supermarkets have to keep their customers coming through their doors rather that to their competitors because they are the cheapest in a basket of essential good, have the largest range, are family friendly, convenient, have best service and so on.

The local business has a different problem There is no way it can compete with any of the above. For a start he cannot provide his services nor can he economically supply customers outside his own specific service area. Conversely he is significantly more convenient and possible price competitive with remoter suppliers of his goods or services. Furthermore his ad spend is significantly less ( in the order of ten thousand to 1 less).

But the simple fact is that every business must advertise. If one doesn’t keep potential customers having your name or location spring to mind when he is looking for something he wishes to buy then the chances are very good, almost a certainty that he is going go elsewhere. And that elsewhere is probably less convenient to him and when all else is considered, such as the transport and time cost of calling in services from some distance, may be economically less competitive.

So the local business want local advertising. He wants his ad dollar to display to his potential customers in his own geographic and economic sphere of influence and not waste a single dollar on advertising on people who will never be his customers

Well local SEO does just that. The internet is a marvelous tool as it rolls out a majority of households are getting on line and doing much of their browsing for goods and services on line. Because their IP address pinpoints precisely where they are these people can be targeted for local advertising.

Consult Softline Solutions and see how they can make your advertising campaign be specific to only your potential customers within you local area.