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Local Google Maps News

In the latest from the mapping world, internet mapping pioneer Google breaks new frontiers. But, the web giant faces stiff competition from another big player as Apple reveals its own mapping solution for its iPads and smart phones.

Google Map Maker Reaches Egypt

Earlier this month, Google’s unique map creation service, the Google Map Maker, was made available in Egypt. Locals can now create, upload, and edit maps of their neighborhoods. The Google Map Maker service is based on the maxim that “no one knows an area better than its residents.” It draws on people’s civic pride and innate desire to educate others about their homes to create unique local map that is full of information, both regular as well as esoteric.

With the introduction of Map Maker in Egypt, visitors to this vibrant and historic nation can now find budget accommodation, restaurants that serve authentic Egyptian cuisine, local markets, historic monuments, and other hidden gems located off the beaten path. So, if you are planning on visiting Egypt, make sure to check your google maps for directions to the best local coffee shops and restaurants as well as information on lesser known sights around historical locations like the Valley of the Kings or the Pyramids of Giza. International students will be pleased to known that a detailed map of the University of Cairo campus is available.

Apple App Issues Clear Challenge to Google

Google’s efforts to add new regions and cities to its mapping solution comes as no surprise as computing giant Apple has been nipping at its heels for some time with its own mapping solution. Apple recently made the announcement that the latest version of its mobile operation system, the iOS 6, to be released this fall, will no longer include the Google Maps app. Instead, it will be equipped with a new Apple Maps app that promises to offer all Google Maps does, and more! The announcement came as no surprise to industry insiders, who were expecting such an announcement for some time.

Previews indicate that the app offers much of the facilities google maps users have come to expect, along with some cool extras like integration of inYelp information with local searches, which allows users to not only find restaurants and movie houses in their area, but also see each businesses’ ratings and read reviews before they make a choice.

With such a clear challenge to its supremacy, Google will certainly have to step up its game if it is to remain the market leader. It’ll be interesting to see what the internet giant comes up with in the coming months.