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How To Optimize Twitter for Local SEO

twitterOf course you know the importance of a solid social media marketing strategy when it comes to advertising your business. And while mastering Facebook is a fairly simple process, learning how to maximize Twitter for your marketing needs can be a bit tougher. These easy to do tips will help you maximize your Twitter exposure and increase your local visibility all at the same time.


All search engines, including the almighty Google, take a look at your Twitter profile in order to determine your website’s ranking within their database. In order to get the most favorable treatment, your Twitter bio has to be complete. Be sure to take the time to complete your bio so that it not only grants you favor, but so that your business can be found.

In your bio, you need to make sure that the following information is included exactly how it is listed on your website and on the front of your building:

  • Your business name, address including city and state
  • Your company logo and a link to your website
  • A description that is keyword optimized


After you’ve completed your bio, you need to begin interacting with other people on Twitter and begin amassing a following. While regular Tweets are good, retweeting will not only help you build relationships with others in the Twittersphere, but you’ll also gain valuable points with search engines. The goal here isn’t to retweet everything. The goal here is to build a following that will retweet your tweets. This is because Google and other search engines put a lot of stock in the things that people share on social media. The more a post of yours is retweeted, the better you look to Google.

So, how do you get those valuable retweets? It’s actually quite easy. Simply write a solid post that is keyword optimized. The better your content, the better chance you have of being retweeted. Also, if you are building an audience and retweeting their posts, there’s a good chance that they are retweeting yours.


You’ve probably seen or heard of a hashtag before, but might not really understand how to use it. Hashtags are designed to help people see your tweets By creating tweets and hashtagging your keywords, you begin to gain very valuable exposure. What’s even better is when others get on the bandwagon and begin using your hashtags as well.

Here’s how hashtags work. You create a post that promotes your latest sale of tee shirts at your store. Create a catchy hashtag like #tshirtthursday and add it to the bottom of your post. Now, when people search Twitter for anything that has to do with tee shirts, your post will pop up on their list. HashtagsPeople will search these terms and your company’s posts will come up when you have included

Twitter is a very powerful advertising platform for your small business, if you are using it appropriately. These tips will help you get started. Just remember, it takes time to begin seeing the results of your efforts, but the secret to success is to simply start the process.