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How to Find High Potential Keywords

If you’re hoping to bring relevant traffic to your website to help increase your revenue, you need to be able to find high-potential keywords. SEO tools have their place, but their focus is on search volume and intent rather than focusing on revenue. How do you find keywords that are likely to lead to conversions? You’ll need to work on gaining strategic insights by exploring sources that combine web traffic with conversions.

Conversions include leads, sales and signing up for email subscriptions. They also include downloads of e-books and other information products, free trials, live chat sessions and phone calls. Knowing your customers is key to knowing what’s likely to attract them and what you can provide that has a good chance of leading to conversions.

Survey Your Customers

Customer surveys provide a powerful tool to find out more about your customers. What are they most interested in? What solutions are they seeking that they haven’t been able to find? With this information, you can address their needs by providing informative blog posts and information products.

Using surveys, you can give customers the opportunity to let you know what problems your products haven’t solved. When you know what problems still need to be solved, you can work on providing solutions that benefit your customers. When customers find that you have what they’re looking for, there’s a good chance they’ll make a purchase.

Explore Data on Referring URLs

Effective marketing depends on tracking conversions from different sources, such as backlinks and referrals from affiliates. Do your referring URLs have traffic that converts? Spend some time evaluating the traffic that’s successfully converting from these referring URLs. 

Plug a referring URL into an SEO research tool to find out what keywords and phrases are working for them and which of these keywords and phrases are likely to be related to your conversions. Explore the social shares of referring URLs and work on creating better content and a better user experience based on these keywords.

Using PPC Data 

Look into what keywords are being used by your PPC team. What keywords have they identified as being worth spending money on? Besides finding out what keywords are being used, also look for information on where ads are being displayed. Google Ads provides the information you need to find out if your ads are being displayed on YouTube or websites. What were the topics that drew traffic and conversions to your site?

Many YouTube videos have chapters, and if the topic of each chapter is leading to conversions on your site, work on creating content related to the different topics of individual chapters. Are there any features being showcased that you haven’t covered?

For best results in driving revenue, the keywords you use should align with conversions. Taking a strategic approach and making subtle changes to your current approach can uncover high-potential keywords that can help your business to grow and thrive. Reach out to Softline Solutions and let us help you meet your online potential.