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How To Date (And Marry!) The Right Digital Marketing Agency

digital marketing agencyEstablishing a relationship with a digital marketing agency should be approached similarly to the way you manage your personal relations — to find the ‘right one’ you’ve got to date around a bit, figure out what you like, as well as what you need to stay happy.

Below, we’ve outlined a few simple tips to help you find the right match; plus, a few pointers on how to stay ‘married’ to the right digital marketing agency.

Speed Dating

As you begin to search for a digital marketing agency, you may or may not know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s OK!

Some businesses will know exactly what problems they need help with, and others won’t know where to begin. This is why shopping around and comparing sales presentations is important. In addition to learning about each agency, you may discover things about your own company you didn’t know.

While you speed date potential candidates, ask probing questions to get at the most relevant and important issues: experience, competence, references, and so on.

This is the time to let it all hang out—the more real you can be in these preliminary meetings about goals, expectations, and specific needs or challenges, the more likely you will find an agency that speaks to your company’s truths.

Get Personal with Your Digital Marketing Agency

Before you sign any contracts, and once you’ve settled on a short list of potential candidates, it’s time to get up close and personal with the people you’ll be working with.

At this stage, focus on getting past the sales pitch and lip service; meet the team behind the brand, and try to get to know who will be working on your account.

This is important for a few reasons. First, you should find out what, if anything, they outsource to other agencies. You may not feel comfortable with a digital marketing agency that outsources everything they do.
Conversely, they may have a network of talented professionals in the wings, and maybe all you need is more information about who those people/agencies are.

The point is, find a way to pull back the branding curtain, and look for opportunities to engage with the people who will be managing your marketing. If you enjoy meeting with these people, you’ll find that working with them is a lot more enjoyable, too.

Tough Conversations

Lastly, when it comes time to say ‘I do’, leave no stone unturned in your contract negotiations.

Contract negotiations are tough; nobody likes to feel like they’re getting the short end of a stick. To avoid this, and to help you get what you want, come to contract negotiations with an open mind. Have a list of deal breakers prepared, as well as concessions you’d be willing to make in case you need to compromise.

Budgeting for a digital marketing agency is a huge endeavor on your part, so make sure your expectations are clearly outlined and detailed to minimize future confrontations.

Finding the right digital marketing agency for your business doesn’t have to be a grueling experience, nor does it have to be in a state of constant churn. Contact Softline Solutions today for all your online marketing needs.