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How Local SEO Can Boost Your Profits

local-seoThe Internet has exponentially grown since its breakout period in the mid ’90s, and despite how advanced and social it is currently, this is only the tip of the iceberg. For businesspeople attempting to compete in an already competitive marketplace, developing an online presence and optimizing specifically for local search engine results won’t just be a competitive move, it will be an absolute necessity.

Technological advancements exist independent of one’s personal attitudes, and the Internet grows and becomes a more prevalent part of society despite your personal level of expertise. This is why it is important for businesspeople to develop a local cache. Going forward, if people cannot find you on Bing, Google, or on social media, they may not find you at all. Though local SEO doesn’t simply keep you relevant; it can help to boost your profits.

Different Profit-Boosting Benefits of Marketing Locally

1: Immediate Clientele

Did you know that over 75% of all Internet users check out local search features before deciding to shop with any business, be it a restaurant, department store or otherwise, according to Neilson? And based on a survey conducted by the NPD Group, 57% of all Internet users purchase offline after finding what they want to buy online. These figures translate to much more exposure and business if your business is available via local search features on Bing, Yahoo and Google.

2: A Mom ‘n Pop Branding Image

What do those big-box retailers have that most small to mid-sized businesses do not? Marketing. Sure, lower prices help, but these big stores advertise and make their presence known. These stores are brands, not just shops. Local SEO allows you to create more than a sleek advertising campaign or an increased presence for local shoppers. It allows you to create a brand. Just have a look at a site like Facebook, where small brands easily compete with big brands based on social appeal. SEO helps you create a recognizable, trustworthy brand.

3: A Digital Destination for an Existing Base

According to TMP/comScore, over 80% of all local searchers make contact after viewing a local business online. This is an amazing statistic that plays well with the “Immediate Clientele” benefit, but did you know that most people who do business with you also return to the Internet to view your online presence? So local SEO isn’t only bringing you new clientele and expanding your base; it’s also providing your existing base with a way to know more about your brand.

4: Local Word Spreads

A direct result from the abovementioned benefit, people who have chosen your business and have found you online aren’t simply peeping Toms. They are looking to rate you and speak about your business. This is how branding really expands. Though it starts with local SEO, your brand spreads organically, and now you have people in other towns, counties and even states potentially reading positive reviews about your business, thus creating more buzz, more business, and more money.

There is a reason that so many businesses are developing an online presence: It is simply smart. The benefits speak for themselves. If you want more immediate business, a bigger and better brand, and a way for customers to keep in touch with you and spread the word, local SEO is the only way to go.