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How Different Types of Content Can Benefit Your Business

There are many different types of content that can be used to strengthen your connections with your customers and to reach new prospects. Not all forms of content have the same purpose, and making the most of your content marketing depends on understanding how different types of content can benefit your business.


Blogging is probably the most well-known approach to content marketing, but there’s more to blogging than just randomly posting superficial information. Your posts should be informative and well-written, focusing on material that your target audience is looking for. Providing quality content on your blog that’s shareable using relevant keywords can help your blog build authority and be discoverable by search engines. To create a loyal following, plan to post no less than twice a week.


Visual content can be eye-catching and appealing to many of your readers. Infographics are a way to provide a lot of data and research in a way that is easily understood and absorbed.  They are a beneficial form of content for drawing traffic and building quality backlinks. Content should be broken into sections using complementary colors and clear letters. A well-designed infographic is shareable and engaging.


Ebooks are electronic books and many businesses use the as a tool for generating leads. To write an effective ebook, it’s important to know the problems that keep your audience up at night and aim to provide solutions. Ebooks can help you establish expertise and authority in your niche. They should be informative and keep promotional content to a minimum.

How-to Guides

Whether presented as a long-form blog post or an ebook, creating how-to guides is a way of providing important information to your target audience. Show readers how to complete a task using clear and easy to read language accompanied by diagrams, screenshots and other graphics. Explaining tasks in a step by step manner helps prospects and customers see you as a helpful source of information in your industry.


Many people would rather watch videos than read, so it’s a great idea to include videos in your content marketing. Videos can help spark interest and increase engagement. The more your videos are shared, the better chance they’ll help to drive traffic to your website. Avoid making videos that are salesy. Instead use video as a way to answer questions and provide solutions. Take advantage of multiple platforms for sharing your video content.

Case Studies

Case studies are a great way for you to demonstrate how you have successfully helped to solve the problems or challenges of some of your clientele. By using storytelling skills to provide step-by-step examples of how you have attained results for others in the past, you can help customers and new prospects to overcome objections and move closer to conversion.

Strategic Content Marketing

Every piece of content you prepare and post serves a purpose and can help to drive your business forward. For expert help in planning a digital marketing strategy that can help you grow your online presence and business, get in touch with Softline Solutions today.