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How can I get higher placement in search engines?

Customer: “How can I get higher placement in search engines?”

“Really pay attention to the words you are using to define your brand. Get creative, I mean you?ll never rank with generic keywords such online marketing or local house painters. Also be sure you include words that give your geographic location and don?t forget to include variations of your words since people are always misspelling their searches.

Customer: “Ok I can do that, anything else?”

?Yes, there are about 4 other things you can do. Is your website spider friendly??

Customer: ?I think so but I?m not exactly clear on what that means.?

?Two things; steer clear of Flash, Java, frames and DHTML and most importantly make your site clearly named, easy to navigate with correct HTML and no broken links. By clearly named I mean fixing the file names that your pages use to represent a searchable keyword like This will allow spiders to more easily navigate your entire site for proper indexing.?

Customer: ?Thank you, that helps a lot. Next??

?Many people believe, as do I, that your TITTLE tag is one of the most important aspects in ranking higher with a search engine?s algorithms. So instead of a tag that reads Bob?s Boat?s put in something along the lines of Bob?s Boats ? #1 Boating Super Store in SoCal.

Customer: Actually a friend told me about this so I have done that.?

?Good. The last two aspects you must address are content and incoming links. Obviously the key here is as much content as you possibly can but remember it must still be very clear, concise, easily searchable and maintain keyword density so don?t write jumbled, incoherent content and think it?s going to help because it won?t. It will actually hurt your rankings. Finally, make sure that every site out there that needs to know about you does. Of course stick with industry specific and relevant directories and do not get involved with any link schemes.

Customer: ?Got it.?

?Ok, well these 5 tools should give you a good start with helping you achieve higher rankings so good luck.?

Customer: ?Thank you so much.?