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Google’s Ongoing Penguin Updates Could Shake Up SEO Industry

Any search engine optimization specialist should know that the Penguin updates pose a real serious risk to online businesses. With more updates on the horizon, many search engine optimization companies are scrambling to pair their website for the upcoming update. So far, it appears as if the Penguin updates are a one time, update that lasts over the course of a day or two. It does not appear that the Penguin updates are consistently rolled out on a weekly basis, but instead are rolled out whenever Google deems it necessary to check their search results for individuals that have been manipulating the system.

The Panda updates chamber for the Penguin updates, and were designed to punish pages that did not have quality content, or were actually stealing their content from other websites. Many websites other search engine rankings fall, even if they believed that they had high quality content. All of these websites were judged by an algorithm, with very few ever making an imprint of the eyes of a Google employee. Penguin seems to be the follow-up update to the Panda update, but focuses more on analyzing the back links of these websites, rather than the content of these websites.

For years, back links spam has run out of control across the Internet, and Google has started to penalize websites that they deem to have used less than ethical methods in order to get their websites up in their search engine. It is thought that they are going to continue to rollout the panda updates at least once a month for the foreseeable future, continually penalizing websites that are using back links spam in order to get their ranking up in the search engines.

Since the first 2 Penguin updates, Matt Cutts, leader of Search at Google, has stated that the algorithm could be undergoing significant changes in the future before future rollouts of the update. Along with this, he has suggested that these updates will likely feel more “jolting” to website owners, but as promised that they will be more in tune with what search engine searchers are looking for. Some have questioned whether or not this will be the case, but many accept the fact that cutting down on tackling spam is a good thing for all search engine optimization specialists on the web.

According to Google, their Penguin update team, is constantly incorporating new signals, in an effort to improve the algorithm and get the best possible search results for their searchers. As a result, they have said that the next few updates are going to take longer to roll out, longer than the original two-day rollouts that we have seen from the previous updates, and they’re going to incorporate a number of additional signals that help the search engine to find websites that are ranking naturally, and not abusing the system that the company has put in place to rank highly.