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Google Plus in Pre-release

The most effective venues for marketing online are ever-shifting.  An experienced search engine optimization company knows the importance of staying informed about major changes on the Internet.  In its prerelease to a limited group, Google Plus has received many positive reviews which indicate that it may be another excellent marketing opportunity.

Google has a lot to live down because as many reviewers delve into their Google Plus experience, they can’t help but recall Google’s previous catastrophes in the social networking arena.


Open Social was a failed attempt at social networking, attempting to have other networks buy into shared social identity.  Google Wave was dubbed a lame attempt at garnering benefit from the social scene as it added no value to the experience.  Google Buzz overstepped privacy boundaries to an alarming degree.

Nevertheless, the reviews so far on Google Plus have overwhelmingly been positive.  There are some technically-oriented experts who believe that it will inspire major changes on the Internet.

The heart of what’s best about Google Plus is Circle Plus.  You don’t simply choose a lot of friends who are grouped together on a giant “Friend” list, as in Facebook.  Instead, you designate a particular “circle,” which is essentially a category, for each person in your group.


The standard groups in Circle Plus are “Friends,” “Family,” “Acquaintances,” and “Following.”  But it’s just as simple to name your own circles, such as “Co-workers” or “Book Club.”


The beauty of Circle Plus is that you can protect your privacy.  If there are some photographs from your vacation that you only want family to see, you can send them only to the family circle.


And here’s another great feature.  Before sending your post with attached photographs, you can choose an option which prevents any re-sharing.

You can also choose to “Follow” others without prior acceptance, which is required in Facebook.  As any search engine optimization company well knows, the more connections you interact with on social networks, the better your ranking on the search engines is likely to be.


There are other features with promise in Google Plus, including the promise of being an ideal venue for marketing online.