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Google Adwords targets your advertising to very specific potential clients

pay per clickWe have all heard of this wonderful tool available and being used by more and more people daily. We have further heard of the commercial explosion that is happening online and have seen how it has affected the way traditional business is done. Now a guy sitting in a small garage in the back end of nowhere can effectively compete for custom with a business that has expensive premises on a high street and a many highly paid staff drawing salaries and generally increasing the overhead costs of transactions.

What is far more pertinent is the fact that now the big businesses have to compete on the internet with the little guy. Sure they can and do employ internet savvy people to design their web pages and are able to spend the dollars, but they still have to draw paying customers to their web sites.

So you want a piece of this action but don’t have the mega bucks available to spend on a website. Well it doesn’t take mega bucks but just some internet savvy. Softline Solutions has many potential answers and one of the most effective is a successful Google Adwords campaign.

All web pages, whether they be for famous brand name clothing, international beverage bottlers or the back street plumbing service face the same challenge: How to get traffic to their site. And more importantly how to get paying traffic, armed with their credit card and ready to place and order. Those businesses, such as Amazon and Ebay have exploded with success whereas the internet is littered with failed websites which failed to get the clicks.

Getting traffic depends on being found and the only way for that to happen in to get a good page ranking. Should you go to Google and type in the search term “used cars for sale” you will find in excess of 600,000,000 (SIX HUNDRED MILLION) websites advertising used cars for sale. Those websites listed on the first page are likely to get the majority of the custom. Those on the 2nd fewer, those on the 10th page hardly any and all those below that have no chance of getting an un-targeted hit.

If you are competing in a highly populated niche, like used cars for sale, your challenge is to get your website listed in the first couple of pages, ideally in the middle third of page 1. There are all sorts of methods to help you do that but that is a different topic. If you wish to bypass that cut throat competition there is Google Adwords.

If you look at the results of your search, any search, you will find that the typical page is divided into 3 parts. The top 3 or 4 with a light pink back ground, a column on the left which are the search results and a narrower column on the right which also carries some ads, All targeted to meet your search term.

The pink and the right hand column are sponsored, pay per click, ads through Google Adwords. They didn’t have to compete with the 600 million for a place on Page 1, they got there using Adwords, one of the many marketing tools available to you through Softline Solutions.