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Google Ads Management Tips: 5 Expanded Text Ad Mistakes

Expanded text ads (ETA) may now be a significant part of your google ads management strategy; however, there are right and wrong ways to go about this advertising process. Frankenstein-like text messages created from a call-to-action here, and a few snippets of old ad copy there, are not effective, as they do not involve producing new content that affects your account performance the way you want. Rather than continuing to make the same ETA mistakes over and over, learn from the following issues and carefully review what your advertising campaign needs to snap, crackle, and pop.

Mistake #1: Repeating History Instead of Learning from It

Part of effective Google ads management involve learning what the best ads in your advertising history had that made them so successful. Use this knowledge as a foundation for new copy instead of going the Frankenstein route as mentioned above. Review ads with emotional appeal, including CTAs that suck you in and make you want to purchase a product or service. Use them as your inspiration for new, engaging copy.

Mistake #2: Overstuffing Your Headlines with Keywords

Yes, keywords are important for Google ads management. Yes, at least one keyword belongs in your ad headline. No, you shouldn’t stuff your ETAs with keywords. You might as well create an ad headline that reads, “Keyword, Keyword, Keyword.” Create ad headlines that feature one keyword you’re trying to rank for and remember to keep them eye catching and interest piquing. A beautifully done headline with one keyword is much more compelling than a boring one featuring three keywords you want to rank for.

Mistake #3: Creating a Second Headline Out of Your First Description Line

Quit using the first sentence of your description as a second headline. The first line of your description is for the “value proposition.” The second line is for value proposition and a call to action. Instead of trying to put a second headline where you shouldn’t, focus on creating a fantastic, super-cool call to action instead.

Mistake #4: Sacrificing Quality for Brevity

Stop combining old ads and focus on challenging yourself creatively. ETAs offer increased character counts that make avoiding vague CTAs and the like possible. Write more organic-sounding ads that show why you are the brand to choose over your competition.

Mistake #5: Dismissing or Ignoring Mobile-Specific Ads

Don’t forget about the significance of mobile ads. They’re quite useful, especially since most people are tethered to their devices these days. Simply make a few adjustments to satisfy your mobile audience. There are even spreadsheets that help you with this, like the Business Data section of Google’s Shared Library.

Keep these mistakes in mind to write better EPA copy. Or contact Softline Solutions and let the experts run your Google ads management efforts!