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Facebook, a Tremendous Marketing Opportunity

Being connected to the half a billion Facebook users free of cost is like a dream come true for savvy business owners with marketing on their minds.  Don’t be fooled into thinking Facebook is a social connection primarily for teenagers.  Facebook users in their 30s rival the number who are in their college years, and a growing number of baby boomers are also active on the number one social media site.

How can Facebook help you grow your business?  Here are just a few of the many steps you can take to maximize on the opportunity afforded by Facebook.

It all starts with creating a Facebook profile.  Contrary to what many have believed, that’s just the first step.  Simply creating a profile isn’t even enough to be considered a marketing strategy.

You need to add friends to your profile.  You invite them one by one.  Don’t add more than 30 per day, however, because that type of activity can get your profile removed.  After all, Facebook is a social site that helps you connect and share with the people in your life, and that doesn’t mean advertisers.

Post interesting comments on your Facebook wall regularly.  Don’t overdo it or people will consider you a spammer and unfriend you.

Add Facebook plugins to your website for added visibility.  Give people the opportunity to “Like” you on Facebook.  The Like button allows users to link pages from your site to their Facebook profile.  With Facebook Connect Plugin, Facebook users can leave comments on your blog without having to register.  Their comments will instantly show up on their Facebook wall, which is visible to all their friends.