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Extreme Marketing

If you’re marketing online with the help of a good search engine optimization company, that’s a good thing.  Important benefits come out of hiring an experienced SEO company.  If you’ve done all that but you’re determined to put your marketing efforts into overdrive, think “guerrilla marketing.”

Guerrilla marketing was conceived by Jay Conrad Levinson, who wrote a successful book by that name.  Guerrilla marketing is essentially advertising  in a unique and interesting way using creativity, passion, and time rather than money.

The investment you make in effective guerrilla marketing exhibits passion that requires hard work and can result in building vital business relationships.  Your strategy should include measurable results and follow-up.

Social media involvement is no doubt part of the marketing strategy of your search engine optimization company.  Through your social media network, offer a free product of value to your readers for anyone who leaves a comment on your post.  The result should be that your website gains new e-mail addresses, makes more sales, and develops a larger loyal customer base.

Your strategic giveaway will also help with branding.  When you become the only source for your product or service in the minds of consumers, you’ll enjoy success as a result of marketing online.

Hire people to spread the word about your business via word of mouth and handouts that have your URL address and a great offer that people will find difficult to pass up.  You’ll be able to measure the progress of the campaign and can tweak the process and try it again in the future, for a sales boost.


Get involved with LinkedIn and create a group that stirs interest and garners a big following.  Use those connections for promotional purposes and branding.

Pour all of your clever ideas and creativity into producing videos with wide audience appeal.  Your guerrilla marketing efforts could win you viral success.