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Do I Need to Be Listed With Bing Maps?

bing mapUsing Bing Maps as part of your Internet marketing plan is a good way to get your name out there. It should not be a surprise anymore that a business person needs to use every tool available to be visible to potential customers. Bing Maps is just one more tool in the arsenal that every business person should keep abreast of in this fast-paced, information-driven world.

So what are Bing Maps, then? Bing Maps is a local listing search result that should come up when a user does a Bing search that contains one or more of the keywords you’ve included in your listing. So potential customers who search for “gardening Alta Vista” will get a listing of results, and the more you have the keywords “gardening” and “Alta Vista” in your listing and or website, the higher up in the search results you will show. Making sure you have linked to Bing Maps local listings will then ensure that Bing search results populates a small-view map of the local area where you’re located. Potential customers can navigate to you more easily if they can see a visual of what street your on and start a location guide (start here-end there).

Bing Maps has added hundreds of views to their app that include street side images of 100 new cities. They’ve added over 125 new intricately detailed 3D views plus supports high resolution, high definition aerial views for over 150 countries around the world. Bing Maps has worked to deliver optics that set them apart from other search engine mapping apps such as additional styling that helps you tell paths and park trails from actual roads. It is cleaner and clearer when potential customers run their searches and then look at the map results to see where you are located.

When getting hooked up with Bing Maps, you’ll want to make sure you have filled out your listing information accurately and correctly over the span of all the information available. So your website, social media pages, blog posts, and the maps listing are consistent and in the same format across the board. You should have a plan that helps you pull all of this information together across the outlets, and stick to the plan to ensure best results. All your keywords and phrases need to be in a similar vein, the better to boost your listing to the top of the results on the first page, which is the best place to appear.

When a potential customer sees your listing with the convenient Bing Map listing, they are drawn to click the links and see more information. Be vigilant in making sure it is accurate – nothing will drive away a potential customer faster than picking up the phone to dial your number only to find out it’s wrong. Your credibility has just hit the floor and will never recover for that customer – you’ve lost them forever in most cases. Check, double-check, and then check again that you have it right.

Once you have gotten your listing on Bing Maps to show up in the first page or two of results, you’ll be well on your way to increased growth and success.