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Customers – Beware of Fraudulent Calls

It has been brought to our attention that a company called EDriven Concepts has been attempting to contact our clients by acting as a representative of Softline Solutions or its affiliated companies. We would like to confirm that any individuals who claim association with EDriven Concepts are NOT associated with our company. Beware of requests to alter payment information or payment delivery.

The call always starts the same way. The caller tries to lead the customer into believing they had been previously contacted about an underperforming account, making the customer feel as if they are actually speaking with Softline Solutions. Another distinguishing factor of fraudulent calls is a push to sell services that customers already have.

In one call they promised to get a customer’s business listed in 150 directories each month. Not only are directory submissions almost exclusively handled by a piece of software, Google has already issued an update called “Panda” that targets the hundreds of smaller online directories in existence. Since the Panda update, there is little to no value to be with links from those directories. This approach is essentially Spam and customers who choose to utilize it can actually see their rankings penalized.

Please be diligent and do not give any EDriven reps account data or personal information. If you doubt the legitimacy of a caller, dial (888) 335-2226 and ask for a manager.

We are among a handful of other marketing companies being targeted for this fraudulent practice. Our staff is currently working with all those involved into getting these calls stopped. See the link below to hear audio samples of calls placed by a representative of EDriven Concepts so you will be able to recognize them in case you are contacted.



The Softline Solutions Team