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Create a Google “My Maps” and Direct More Internet Traffic to Your Website

Softline Solutions is a top Internet marketing company that increases website traffic for clients, which helps increase revenue.  The Internet provides many online marketing opportunities, and more are becoming available all the time.

Google offers My Maps, which is a free tool for map creation.  My Maps is fully customizable and gives businesses another excellent prospect for gaining more online traffic.

My Maps brings enrichment to the overall Google Maps experience by allowing users to create helpful placemarks which highlight local areas.  A user can shrewdly design a map which relates and links to his or her business, thus increasing online traffic.

Visitors or new residents to an area that has My Maps can have an enriched experience finding what they’re looking for.


The secret to having a successful My Maps campaign is coming up with a map that’s of real interest to consumers.  It should be related to your business but shouldn’t drive consumers to your direct competition.

Choose a route with landmarks that will be of interest to your target audience.  If, for example, you sell a special line of personalized products for children, create a My Maps that highlights children’s retailers in your area.  Just be sure that you aren’t providing free advertisement for others who also sell your products.

Creating a custom Google “My Maps” is simple.  You basically follow the steps below:

  • Build a Google profile page and choose an appropriate icon for it
  • Link your Google profile page to your website
  • Create My Maps with placemarks at different locations that will be useful for consumers
  • On each location’s placemark, include a related link to your website
  • Be sure that the information bubble for each placemark has all of the vital facts such as phone number and physical address

It’s important to include a photograph of each landmark, and a video is even better.

It’s a great business move to trust your Internet marketing company with your online marketing basics and take advantage of other amazing opportunities on your own, such as My Maps.