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Create a Better Dental Facebook Page with the Facebook Pages App

facebookEvery dentist knows that the key to the success of their dental health practice is good marketing. And good marketing today includes social media platforms like Facebook. Social media requires dedication on behalf of the dentist in order to be as effective as it can be. However, most dentists struggle with finding the time to make regular Facebook updates to their pages. The good news is that Facebook updates don’t have to be a struggle. There are multiple tools available that are designed to make managing your Facebook page easier than ever before. One of the most useful is a tool called Facebook Pages App. This app will allow you to create posts, respond to comments, check stats and so much more, right from your smartphone. This app is completely separate from Facebook and is designed specifically for busy business owners to help make managing your professional Facebook page easier than you ever thought possible. Here are a few things you need to know about Facebook Pages.

Facebook Pages App Changes

Mobile Version. Use the Facebook Pages app to see your Facebook page on a mobile format. This will help you see what your customers are seeing and let you know if anything needs to be changed or adjusted in order to optimize it for mobile display. This app will also give you instant access to your page stats including how many likes you have, how many messages you have and who your new fans are.

Easy to Navigate Toolbar. The Facebook Pages app uses an intuitive toolbar that makes it easy to find the functions you need.

Schedule a Post. By far the most useful feature is the schedule a post feature on the app. This allows you to upload several posts at once and then schedule their posting so that you can better manage your time. As a dentist, one of the most precious commodities you have it time. With the Facebook Pages App you can set aside a few hours to create a week’s worth of posts and then schedule their posting dates in order to ensure that regular updates are being made while you concentrate on servicing your patients and growing your practice.

Marketing experts all agree that in order to maximize the return on your marketing investment, you need to include social media into your total marketing strategy. Without a social media campaign, you are simply missing out on an entire segment of potential new patients. The Facebook Pages app makes it easier to manage your social media presence without taking you away from your practice. Of course, this isn’t the only tool you can use to manage your social media presence. Other apps such as HootSuite and Instagram also have relevance when it comes to helping you manage your Facebook and Twitter profiles. However, the interfaces aren’t quite as easy to use as posting to Facebook directly or using Facebook Pages to make your posts for you.

Regardless of how you choose to manage your Facebook page, it’s important to remember to do it regularly. If not, you risk becoming stale and losing readership.