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Blogging 101

Are you a business owner? Have you been hearing all about Social Media? Did you know that blogging for your business is a great way to generate leads, build your brand and convert new customers?

This week Softline Solutions is excited to present a series designed to help you get your business blog started and working hard for you. At the end of our blog series we are be offering a Free Live Webinar covering blogging for business and will also be showing our user how to set up and optimize blogs using some of the most popular free blogging sites.

In our Blogging 101 series we will be briefly covering 4 topics regarding blogging for business:

  1. Designing Your Blog
  2. What To Blog About
  3. Blogs That Are Doing It Right
  4. How Your Business Can Benefit From Blogging.

Blogging for business is a form of online marketing that is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing forms of inbound marketing used today. When created and kept up with properly your business blog can being to create a buzz that generates leads that convert into loyal customers.