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Attract Humans and Search Bots With Your Website

The old saying your mother warned you about when you wanted to hook up with a hottie is also true of websites:  Beauty is only skin deep.  The kind of website you really want to marry your business to has more than visual appeal to humans.  It also attracts computer search bots and places you in top ranking on search results pages.

Five Basics for Attracting Humans:

  1. Visual appeal is great but rather than being flashy, choose website design that delivers your message, strengthens credibility, and builds trust.
  2. Grab viewers with evidence that you’re trustworthy on the home page.  Place your phone number, address, and a guarantee in a prominent position.
  3. Offer a solution to the problem your business solves.  Make sure that potential customers can see at a glance that you have their answer.
  4. Place an action button in plain view so that it’ll be simple for the customer to make a connection.
  5. Include a menu on every page, which is just one way to make yours a user-friendly site.

Five Basics for Attracting Search Bots:

  1. Do the research and find out which keywords and keyword phrases will most likely be used by customers who are searching for your type of business.  Use the keywords wherever it’s appropriate on every page.
  2. Include your locations(s) in keyword phrasing so that your website can be found in local searches.
  3. Include keywords in the titles of every page on the site.
  4. Provide an ongoing supply of fresh content that uses related keywords organically.
  5. Don’t try to be sneaky with keyword loading because the search bots are designed to sniff out illegitimate sites and give them the boot.