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Are you managing your online reputation or is it managing you?

Your company has experienced incredible growth over the last decade due to the incredible increase in connectivity and information sharing abilities of the internet. Your online sales have increased, your overall growth has increased, but at the same time your finding it increasingly difficult to manage customer satisfaction both off and online. While offline customer satisfaction has more of a one to one experience its the online portion that’s really got you worried.

You see, in the online world, its not really a one to one relationship. Rather, one unsatisfied customer can translate into a wave of criticism, negative press, blog posts, forum comments, and much more that can not only hurt your company’s reputation but also hurt your pocket book.

Lets face it, the internet has presented you with huge opportunities and potential for your business that you never imagined but at the same time you worried because managing your brand, customer satisfaction, and your reputation is a whole new animal online.

It just takes one negative review on or other consumer activist sites and this can quickly snowball into dozens of posts creating new pages in google that can sometimes even outrank your business site for the same keywords your trying to rank for. This is not good at all, as the last thing you want is your customer to search for your product and the first thing they see is someone complaining about how lousy the experience was with your company, or how they felt that got cheated.

This is where online reputation management services come in such as the one that we offer at Softline. Its this type of service that allows you to outsource your online reputation management, brand management, and allow the experts to make sure your results are positive and your customers are happy. Its important to understand that there are many Reputation Management services popping up everywhere but they are not all created equal. If you see someone offering to do this kind of service for you for $20 a month, I would think again.

Everyone in this industry will tell you that Reputation Management is no easy task, takes a huge amount of resources, time, and consistency to achieve results. If someone promises you all this on the cheap then you know the old saying. ” You get what you pay for” ….

Do your research, find the company you feel will meet your needs, and most important of all understand that while this service is not cheap, the return for your business if done correctly is incredible.