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3 Ways Black Friday Offers Organic Search Opportunities

black-friday-marketingIt’s no secret that Black Friday is a huge opportunity for retailers everywhere, but that doesn’t mean meticulous data analysis isn’t necessary to ensure the desired results. Take a moment to learn three ways the famous (or infamous) shopping day provides organic search opportunities that result in increased brand awareness, more site traffic, and higher revenue. A successful Black Friday strategy that provides the long-term results you want includes planning early and influencing your fans at the opportune moment.

1) Identify What Is Most Valuable

After a day or two of planning, spend time identifying which search terms are the most useful. Think “useful” over “popular.” For example, “Black Friday” is certainly a popular search term; however, it only ranks seventh in terms of Black Friday search terms in the U.S. “Black Friday deals” and “Black Friday TV deals” are examples of more valuable search terms that offer substantial organic opportunities and a greater chance of conversions. Don’t limit yourself to short-tail keywords—longer-tail keywords are just as important if not more so, thanks to apps such as Google Voice Search and the like. Find non-generic search terms that benefit your business the most and go from there.

2) Keep the Word “Deal” in Mind

Searches featuring the word “deal” appear to be more popular than ever, with the number of “deal” searches increasing every year. This term is invaluable with regard to helping you understand your consumers’ shopping patterns. Examples of valuable “deal” search terms include “TV deals,” “laptop deals,” and “xbox deals.” Research the term in regard to your own products and services to see what is most valuable to your brand.

3) Remember, It’s Not Just One Day

Use the terms that benefit your brand the most beyond Black Friday. Yes, Black Friday is just one day of the year, but it’s also much more than that. It allows you to capitalize on your organic search efforts and come up with strategies that will happily send you into the Christmas holiday and the rest of the year. Think about Cyber Monday, Christmas, New Year’s, etc., and work with your most valuable terms to keep your audience engaged all year long. The best terms will also entice new customers to find out why your brand is above the competition and why they should choose your products or services. Formulate a plan that accommodates mobile searches to reap the many benefits that follow.

Black Friday is your insight into the minds of your consumers… why not take full advantage?