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3 Social Media Advertising Ideas to Make Your Brand Stand Out

socialmedia-pmGetting your brand’s name “out there” and into the minds of both consumers and potential business partners alike is certainly a challenge, but the right advertising campaign helps you bypass many roadblocks on the startup highway. If you’re a business newbie, help your company look like a massive business deal that everyone wants to learn more about by utilizing the following three social media advertising ideas. Doing so will definitely get the word about your company out and about.

1. Promote All Guest Posts

Contact larger publications to inquire about guest posting possibilities. Not everyone will get back to you, and some will say no, but eventually you’ll get a few bites. Promote the heck out of the resulting posts once you do. It establishes your credibility as an “influencer” and provides the opportunity to link back to your website. Budget about $50 for promoted posts on Twitter and Facebook (one each) to send traffic to your guest blog. Posts that receive a lot of traffic equal more guest contribution requests…and more hits on your website.

2. Perform an Engagement Campaign

Help yourself look influential (even if you aren’t quite there yet) by tagging a notable person on Facebook or Twitter and paying to promote the post. For example, if you want to become a contributor on a big-time web publication, tag one of the editors in your post. Write something like “Amazing insights from [editor’s name]” and include a catchy headline, as well as a link to the story. Promoting the post ensures you truly grab and hold the editor or other influencer’s attention, especially if it’s liked/loved/retweeted hundreds or thousands of times. The person will think you’re a “big deal” and might contact you about working together.

3. Put Yourself on Reddit’s Front Page

Placing yourself on the front page of Reddit is definitely a challenge, but one that’s well worth the effort. For example, if your video game-related brand features an outstanding new accessory every gamer will want, create social media ads that target those who visit the gaming page on Reddit. It’s possible that at least one influencer will notice what you’re putting out there, as people are always looking for new and interesting things to submit on other social media platforms. Yes, this might seem like a shot in the dark, but you’re still narrowing the playing field and making it much more likely that the right people will see your post and want to learn more about your brand. Even if you get on the front page less than 10 percent of the time, you’re still helping yourself.

Leverage the power of social media to promote your brand., and realize the results you deserve.