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The Rise Of Visuals – Is Pinterest or Youtube Something Your Business Has Considered?

In the SEO world, there is a rise of visuals grabbing hold of Internet marketers. Today, websites like Pinterest and YouTube are becoming more popular than ever. As a business, have you ever considered these websites for your marketing campaigns? As an SEO company, we value these websites heavily and were constantly encouraging our clients to subscribe to visual campaigns. Pinterest and YouTube are excellent website for publishing visual content, like images and videos. This visual content is becoming far more engaging to users than traditional content like articles or e-books. People today are looking for a modern way to learn about topics they enjoy reading. This means people are turning to YouTube for quick videos that are insightful, helpful, and to the point. You want to spend minutes to hours reading a lengthy article that soaks up the majority of their time. Rather, if you can deliver the same message through a video or Pinterest image, users today will be much more engaged and excited about your content.

Pinterest can deliver powerful messages and traffic too!

Pinterest is a big game changer. Before Pinterest, there were very few image dominated websites that could be as beneficial to your marketing campaigns as Pinterest is. With Pinterest, you can publish an image that carries a powerful message, directing people that click on the image back to your website. Pinterest allows marketers to directly link their images to any URL that they would like. This means that if you can get an image to go viral on the Pinterest website, gaining a large amount of views and interests, you can direct all of these viewers to your website, provided that they click on your image. This is incredibly powerful, it’s a great way for marketers to to grab hold of the user-base and traffic that Pinterest provides.

YouTube is excellent for generating traffic through videos

If your company can publish a high-quality video you can post this video on YouTube and other video websites. These sites have a large amount of people that regularly watch videos, they can deliver huge amount of traffic to your site. By leaving a link in the description box, you can entice people to going to your website by offering some type of free giveaway or bonus. Additionally, YouTube is also very highly valued by Google, since it is owned by the company. That means that when you search for stuff on Google, a lot of YouTube videos will show up at the top of the rankings. This delivers a lot of extra traffic to Google, so it’s an incredibly valuable resource when you have video content that you want to publish.

The rise of visuals can easily be noticed with today’s modern advertising sources. If you can publish high-quality images or videos, this content can be far more effective than regular articles, e-books or promotional copy. Remember, there are dozens of popular image and video websites out there, there’s definitely no restriction to just Pinterest or YouTube. Talk to one of our SEO representatives to find out what types of marketing plans we have for these websites.