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Social Media Marketing

Is your business taking advantage of social media marketing? Are you using the free tools available to you online to become a part of this new marketing sensation? Softline Solutions is officially launching a series of webinars that will cover topics that range from: What is Social Media? to How to use Twitter for Business.… Continue reading Social Media Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Marketing’s Adam Ostrow has a great article about the benefits of Social Media Marketing and makes a great case as to why companies and organizations need to take advantage of this unique online marketing service now more than ever. Softline provides high value integrated marketing services including Social Media Marketing for some of the country’s… Continue reading Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Recession Proof Marketing – Look Online to Grow Your Business

Its happening everywhere. Stocks are on the decline, earnings reports are bad, people are being laid off and this is all in big business. So your thinking to yourself how can I possibly weather this economic storm if I’m a small or medium size business without the huge resources of larger companies? What most news… Continue reading Recession Proof Marketing – Look Online to Grow Your Business