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Case study / XTIVIA

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In depth online marketing analysys

XTIVIA is a multi-channel IT solutions provider that provides services in many sectors from software, development, hardware, and much more. Prior to onboarding with Softline, XTIVIA department leaders had been managing their own marketing budgets directly with no insight or guidance on best practices and how other channels were performing. We reorganized the marketing initiatives to better align with each business units goals, as well as built a collaborative model including reporting so management could see how each channel impacted the business as a whole. Allowing XTIVIA to no only grow their leads online but also identify cross sell and upgrade opportunities across multiple channels.


Our client wanted to know where their money was going! For many years they ran online marketing campaigns with very little insight on if they performance was being tracked correctly and how leads were being handled by each business unit. Process, Process, Process!

Strategy and implementation

  • Interview each business unit leader individually to identify goals, metrics, sales cycles, and expectations

  • Analyze all marketing campaigns to identify if they were inline with business goals

  • Developed a plan to rebuild marketing channels included Google Ads, Bing, etc

  • Developed and implemented a plan for better analytics and reporting

  • Identified opportunities to implement retargeting campaigns as well as high level programmatic campaigns

  • Implemented regular scheduled marketing meetings with department heads and executive management

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