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From little online presence to flagship business channel.



CTM Travel

Before coming to Softline, Montrose Travel(Now known as CTM) had very little online presence and paid search campaigns that were underperforming due to lack of management or set up. We rebulit the marketing iniatives and now they have multiple sites with multiple targeting initiatives that now dominates both PPC & SEO for highly competitive industry terms, leading to a large increase in their client base.


Our client’s objective was to increase the number of corporate travel leads for its Montrose Corporate Travel brand, and also increase the number of leads and sign ups for its Mtravel brand which was targeting travel agents who wanted to resell travel services.

Strategy and implementation

The results

While first year lead volume decreased by 50%, valid leads increased by 76%

Revenue white

Valid & targeted leads generated an increase in Corporate travel revenue of over $6 million in the first year

Website traffic

Organic traffic increased an average 36% YoY

Geo based organic traffic growth has contributed to larger dollar deals

Successful introduction and growth of Social Ads as a new lead generation channel

Growth secondary retargeting campaigns helped increase overall lead conversion by 27%

Budget up white

Increased budget consistently for marketing initiatives due to strong revenue growth

A word from our client

We hired Softline Solutions after spending years trying to manage our paid and organic channels in house. We spent an enormous amount of money without much return. Softline came in and provided us with a detailed analysis of what we needed to do, provided a timeline, and implemented a strategy that completely turned the Corporate Travel channel around, making it a flagship business channel for us.

Chris M CTM Travel

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